Somfy Curtain track

The Glydea and Irismo range of Somfy tracks offer stand out performance in terms of image, usability and functions. The motor designs and the use of a high quality belt system ensure noise levels <44 dB(A). Tested for 15 years operation there is a 5 year warranty on these products. Both side opening and central opening are available.

Tracks for Home Automation:-

The Glydea WT Somfy curtain track motor is controlled by mains switching. Normally connected to a relay that switches the mains supply between Open and Close this is ideal for most systems. The rails length can be up to 10m with a weight limit of 60kg. Adjustable speed and soft start/stop are standard features.

Tracks for Radio Control:-

The Glydea DCT Somfy curtain track motor can be controlled from any RTS transmitter (handset, Tahoma system, sun sensor, etc). In addition to the WT spec above the DCT version also has ‘Touch Motion’ to automatically control the curtain by pulling on the fabric.

Wirefree Curtain Tracks:-

The Irismo WF 45 RTS motor is a battery powered Somfy curtain track motor using Glydea curtain track with a max width of 10m and max curtain weight of 45kg. The powerful 2950mAh 24V rechargeable Lithium battery has an average working time of 9 months between charges. No wiring is visible and available features include ‘Touch Motion’, soft start/stop and variable speed. System uses Somfy’s own RTS radio control system making it compatible with a range of controls.


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